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Corporate Social Responsibility

In addition to providing great quality products and services to our consumers, Badr Investments also seeks to contribute to the sustainable development of our society.

Policy Statement

The Badr group recognizes itself first and foremostl a home grown Omani company with attributes on par with its international peers. Badr’s corporate social commitments are focused on giving back to the community in three chosen areas:
Focus Areas


  1. Education   
    Contribute to nation building by enabling the next generation of youth through education
    Supporting higher education through soft educational loans enabling less privileged youth to be propelled into a brighter career
    Providing Internship opportunities to undergraduate students, enabling them to be better prepared to face the real world while seeking employment

  2. Healthcare
    Promoting wellbeing by supporting the health care profession.
  3. Communities
    Supporting under privileged communities via philanthropic activities including but not limited to donations to chosen communities. For example the provision of building materials for community buildings.
  4. SME
    Provide SME’s with business guidance.
  5. Youth
    Support youth development by funding sports events and teams.