Montessori School in Sultanate of Oman

Montessori School and Trainings

Montessori Oman Private School was established in 1994. We are a private bilingual Montessori kindergarten and nursery aiming to provide an  individualised education in a happy and secure environment for children aged 2-5.5 years


Montessori education seeks to develop each unique child to their fullest potential. Montessori Oman fosters excellence by encouraging each child’s initiative and promoting independence and self-motivation.

We believe that the most important time in a person’s development is between birth and the age of six. Through a carefully prepared environment, and the guidance of a well-trained teacher, children are introduced to the joy of life long learning with confidence. 



Our Facilities

At Montessori Oman, we are proud to offer the highest quality environment in which our students can learn, explore and thrive.


School hours are 7:45am to 12:30pm, Sunday through Thursday. Montessori Oman also offers advanced and extended classes four times a week from 12:30 – 1:45 PM.

*Extended programs are offered at extra fee



Montessori Program

The Montessori approach to education is child-centered.

The teacher is more of a guide and a facilitator, respecting the concentration and varied learning approaches of the child.

Each child learns at their own pace, the program is individualized and each child’s needs are carefully addressed.

Each day of the week, children are exposed to different activities aside from the curriculum. These activities aim to provide children the opportunity to be creative, learn new skills, work in group settings and have fun! Our weekly activities include

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Montessori Oman

At Montessori Oman, we are proud to offer the highest quality environment

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