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Sohar Stones LLC is one of the leading producer and supplier of Aggregates & Rock. We provide high quality crushed rock aggregates in a variety of grades for use in concrete and asphalt products. We also provide sub-base, fill materials and armour rock. Our Aggregates are exported to Qatar via Sohar Port.

Our Quarrying operations are situated deep in the mountains of Sohar and strategically located near Sohar Port, for export requirements.
Sohar Stones LLC has been operating since 2006 and has supplied a significant volume of Aggregates and Rock in the development of Sohar Infrastructure and its port, as well as exporting the majority of its production to Qatar.

In 2019 there was a significant investment in Sohar Stones LLC  to
double its output capacity, as well as adding to its fleet of heavy
equipment and trailers.

Sohar Stones supply various grades of high quality aggregates to fit your specific application.
Concrete, asphalt, precast, or decorative aggregates we can provide your requirements.
Our range of aggregates can be supplied in a range of sizes with quality at the forefront of our operations. All our products are tested on-site at our laboratory as per production frequency to ensure compliance with your required specification


0-5 mm Fines Aggregate
5-10mm Coarse Aggregate
10-20mm Coarse Aggregate
20-28mm Coarse Aggregate
20-32mm Coarse Aggregate
​20-37.5mm Coarse Aggregate
40-80 mm Coarse Aggregate
​70-100mm Coarse Aggregate

0-5 mm Fines Aggregate

0-1000 kg Quarry run ,300-1000 kg,1000-3000 kg,3000-6000 kg,6000-10000kg
​​Armour Rock
Sohar Stones can supply any size of armour rock or selected quarry fill

Granular Base Course
Aggregate Base Course
Crusher Runs
Quarry Run


Gabbro is a coarse-grained and usually dark colour igneous rock. It is formed as magma cooled slowly in the crust. Igneous rocks with similar composition are basalt (extrusive equivalent of dolerite or micro gabbros instead). Much like basalt, gabbro has many uses due to its durability. The rock commonly referred to as black granite in the building trades is actually almost always gabbro.

Major Projects Sohar Stone have Supplied

Batinah Expressway - Oman
Hamad International Airport, Western Taxiway & Stand Development Project - Qatar
Asian Beach Games Project - Oman
Sohar Port Expansion Project - Sohar, Oman

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Sohar Stones LLC

Sohar Stones is a leading producer and supplier of aggregates for Oman and Internationally

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